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Motorcycle Trailer

For the love of riding, touring, golf and other sports, Eaglemate Motorcycle Trailers Ltd. has patented an idea that will let the rider combine other sports and endeavours with their motorcycle.

The main ingredient is the patented quick-change hitch, which is simple and aesthetic in design and will let you add a trailer to your motorcycle in seconds. The hitch will fit right behind the back seat or sissy bar to your motorcycle, so you can add a trailer or attachments standing upright with ease and without getting on your knees. Every attachment can be installed by any person without mechanical knowledge, it is that simple. This is a light and nimble trailer that can be used with even lighter cruiser type motorcycles, starting at 500cc and up.

Because of the trailer's angular steel tubing design, the weight of any load is shifted towards the back wheel. The trailer wheel is 22 inches, a good size diameter, and equipped with two taper bearings for long lasting service. Even with these features, the trailer is relatively narrow. It has its own running, stop and signal lights. Once the trailer is hitched to your motorcycle it can be secured with a good padlock.

The trailers have been tested at high speed, riding in the wind shadow of the motorcycle, and are proven to tow very stable to the extend that one forgets you are towing a trailer. This design shines especially when negotiating turns; the trailer follows the same listing as that of the motorcycle, with no fear of centrifugal forces like that on a two-wheel trailer.

As of now there are two types of trailers, one is specially made for the Golfer in mind, it comes equipped with a hard travel case, so you can take a golf bag and a full set of golf clubs along.

This will open up new destinations for your riding experience with your friends, especially for short day trips. When you reach your golf destination and removed your clubs from the trailer, you can use the empty container to lock in your helmet and other riding gear and enjoy a nice day of golfing without the worry of leaving your gear in the open.

The other trailer is designed for touring, camping, fishing or other possibilities. You can now take a more reasonable amount of gear with you on your trips in a much safer manner instead of completely stacking up your back seat and luggage carrier, as this makes the motorcycle top heavy and harder to handle.

The company's goal is to put new ideas and innovations into practice, and to enhance and further the future of "The Riding Experience".

Yours truly,
Dave Hoffmann, president
Eaglemate Motorcycle Trailers Ltd.